Monday, April 30, 2012

Makeup on Monday...the ultimate makeup brush

A few months ago while getting ready for a charity event, I decided to quickly pop into the Mac store walking distance from my apartment to buy a pair of lashes. Somehow I ended up walking out of the store with a painted face of makeup - looking much better than I could have ever made myself look.

During the process, I asked the makeup artist (Shaun- he is amazing) what it would take for me to replicate his look. He informed me that for $100 Mac offers a 1.5 hour private lesson which additionally would entitle me to 20% off all products for 1 month and a free mascara. While I didn't care that much about the free mascara (read here) the lesson + 20% off seemed like a great deal and I booked an appointment right away.

The lesson was exactly what i needed. Shaun went over the basics- how to apply foundation, what products to use, how to apply brush, bronzer, eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, potted eyeliner and then went into some  more advanced techniques- how to create a smoky eye, how to create a cat eye, how to use eye brightner, etc. While I had taken a basic makeup lesson in my pre-teens (my mom required that if I was going to be wearing makeup, I needed to know how to apply it- she decided this 30 seconds after I came out wearing baby blue eyeliner) his tips for even the basics (how to apply foundation + blush) have dramatically improved the way makeup looks on my face.

To my surprise, Shaun only used 3 different brushes throughout the entire process, and while I already owned 2 of the 3 brushes, the one I was missing was the most essential.

For those of you who may not already own the MAC 130-Short-Duo-Fibre-Brush- I highly suggest you add it to your collection, for $42 it will change your life- and if not your life at least the way you look on a daily basis (assuming- like me, you wear makeup daily).

This brush is perfect for  applying moisturizer, foundation, blush, powder, and bronzer.  The bristles of the brush and the contour of the bristles ensure that the right amount of makeup makes its way onto your brush and onto your face and with the right handling of the brush, your makeup will apply evenly and give the perfect coverage.

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