Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I love Wednesday....H.Bloom

In my very first "What I love Wednesday" Post, I mentioned that Peonies are my favorite flowers. And, while an exquisite Peony arrangement is always welcome in my home, I am open to arrangements of all shapes/sizes/and colors- with only one condition- that they be spectacular. I am a big believer in the gift of flowers and even more so that a home's decor is never complete without a floral arrangement. For this reason, I began a subscription to H. Bloom
Living in NYC, nothing is cheap- and the worst markup really is on flowers.  My poor boyfriend is the greatest victim to this injustice- one year a very reputable florist sent the wrong arrangement for my birthday and I knew immediately that they had tried to pull a fast one (after several phone calls, they sheepishly admitted that they had indeed sent an arrangement that was valued at $100 less than what my boyfriend had paid). Another year, for Valentines day, another reputable florist sent flowers that were already wilting. At that point, I politely told the boy, that his efforts were greatly appreciated and it was not his fault, but I was through with being disappointed by overpriced and underperforming arrangements...until I discovered H.Bloom. 

I stumbled upon H. Bloom, how I dont even remember, but I was immediately attracted by their business model which provides for reasonably priced and beautiful arrangement. Because H. Bloom is not your typical florist --> they dont have shops which you can peruse through, and all arrangements are made only once an arrangement has been pre-purchased, their overhead is minimal compared to other florists and this economic efficiency is reflected in their price. But unlike other florists, whose lower prices are reflected in the quality, H.Bloom is always spectacular. My favorite is the contemporary collection (the website only shows a fraction of what they deliver) and the $48 I spend (which includes delivery) is beyond worth it!

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