Thursday, March 29, 2012

Travel....Thursday | Thailand

My boyfriend’s father takes us on trip of a lifetime each Winter. This past December, we flew to Asia on a ten-day trip of Thailand. Although my boyfriend and I live in NYC, we like to spend Christmas with his family in Chicago and so on the 26th departed as a family from the O’hare Airport. In an attempt to see as much as we could we spent our first day in Singapore before traveling on to our final destination of Thailand.

Having spent years in the hotel industry, my boyfriend and his family are rather particular about what hotels we stay it. My boyfriend had heard that Marina Bay Sands had a killer view and his source was right. The hotel not only boasts the largest infiniti pool in the world, but the view was show-stopping. I don’t see myself coming back to Singapore anytime soon, but I would definitely recommend the hotel to anyone traveling there. 

the view at night at the Marina Bay Sands from the 54th floor
From Singapore we flew to Phuket- the “relaxing”, “beachy” part of our trip. We stayed at Le Meridien in Khao Lak. As a huge fan of all Starwood properties I was pleasantly surprised. The rooms were spacious and despite not being as “luxurious” as other Starwood rooms, they were relaxing and the property itself is beautiful, reminded me of many other Hawaii hotels I have frequented in the past. The best part of the resort was the baby elephant, Naomi, who would walk the grounds during the day. 

Gypsys new friend Naomi- we really wanted to bring her home with us, but then we were told that elephants are scared of dogs. Who knew?

From Phuket we flew to Chaing Mai, the “adventurous” leg of the trip. Although we stayed at the Puripunn ( a wonderful boutique hotel with a lovely and very helpful staff and delicious meal preparation, Chaing Mai boasts two beautiful luxury resorts, the Mandarin Oriental and the Four Seasons. The Mandarin Oriental although recently built looks like an ancient temple. The Four Seasons, as to be expected from the Four Seasons, was pristine in every way possible. We had dinner at the Chef’s Table- a 7 course, traditional meal, that was beyond mouth watering.

 The boy & I posing for a pic at the Four Seasons by the Chef's Table Dining Area
 The restroom at the Four Seasons- I dont typically photograph restrooms- but this was unique as the wall in front of the toilet was a wall made of bamboo reeds- no ceiling either!
The hallway at the Mandarin Oriental- want/need/love that aqua chandelier

In Chaing Mai we spent a day in the jungle conquering the ziplines at Flight of the Gibbon (name of the activity tour- book in advance!) and another full day playing with elephants at the elephant camp. On a more low key day we spent the afternoon playing with tigers of all sizes at Tiger Kingdom. 
 The boy with the baby tigers
 Feeding the elephant bananas and sugar cane- the stylish Texas Tuxedo were not outfits of ours- provided by the tour guides.

After four days in Chaing Mai we headed to Bangkok for two short days. We stayed at the Banyon Tree, which has quite a reputation in Asia, but to be quite frank, I would not return there. Instead, the Four Seasons would be my next destination and is rather affordable, as everything in Bangkok is relatively inexpensive. Bangkok was recently ravished by the floods, and as if the poverty was not extensive enough, the flooding only escalated the suffering.  Everything I had heard about Bangkok was essentially true. There are fake goods lining the street markets, and prostitutes openly parading the streets. Traffic is unbearable and the best way to travel is via tuk-tuks, which unfortunately leave you covered in dust and forced to inhale the polluted air. While Bangkok was not my favorite city of the 4 we visited, I was glad I was able to experience it for myself. 
All the homes along the river bank look like this or worse. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I love...Wednesday

Since this blog is rather new....I figured todays post can be sort of an introduction...of the things I love in general, a "get to know me...DB" post. Now in no order of preference here goes my list (I have limited the selection to 6).

  • Aveda | Hand Relief | $20
    • this lotion is the absolute best and I have tried many lotions. It comes in a travel size and I purchase multiple and slip them into all my purses. 

  • The Bar Method | I go to the one in Soho- $150 for a month unlimited (new clients only)!!
    • I used to live in Miami, and while I hated running- running along the ocean is a totally different story so I didnt mind it. But when I moved to NYC, running was out of the question. Originally I picked up Bikram but found that the 1.5 hour class which absolutely requires a shower afterwards was way too time consuming...and then I found bar method. I started in January of 2011 and it has been life changing. I lost 10lbs (and have managed to keep them off) and am in the best shape of my life. I am obsessed and my friends are slowly catching on. 

  • Costume Jewelry | Oscar De La Renta | $395
    • I love costume jewelry. BUT especially Oscar De La Renta. It may not be the most budget friendly but it is worth every penny. His pieces are stunning, look way more expensive than they are and can be worn casually or on an evening out. 

  • Gypsy- my almost year old puppy (her birthday is April 7th)
    • Gypsy is a shmorkie- shitzu/yorkie/maltese mix and while she only ways 7lb 6ounces, her personality is larger than life

  • Jordan-my boyfriend...of 2+ years, we arnt sure how long its been over 2 years under 4 years
    • this picture was taken earlier this month at the New York Junior League Winter Ball

  • PEONIES- Pink!
    • I love peonies, the pinker the better. 

What this blog will be...

My intentions for creating this blog was to have it become a "lifestyle" blog- not focused on just one facet of what interests me, but an overall composition of everything that piques my interest. At the same time, chaos is not a part of my lifestyle and therefore the OCD in me has created a schedule for the genre of posts- hopefully this will provide order in my own life and to my blog. 

Monday | Monochramatic
  • I am really big into alliteration, but coming up with an "M" word was rather challenging...monochramatic it is...unless I come up with something better. 

Tuesday | Trend
  • my friend Morgan hates the word "trend" but we all know life is cyclical and so trends come and go

Wednesday | What I love
  • be prepared to be amused by the things I love....its rather random

Thursday | Travel
  • I love to travel and am constantly researching new places to travel, consider my Thursday blog posts to be somewhat of an itinerary from past trips to trips I intend on taking at some point in my life

Friday | Furnished
  • Although I am currently a law student, my real passion is interior design, I finally decided to pursue design and begin classes next week!

Saturday | Style
  • I live in NYC- one of the most stylish cities in the world. I am also an avid shopper.

Sunday | City
  • Yesterdays post was a preview of what a post on Sunday may look like...just some of my finds in this fabulous city. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome- The Royalton | NYC

Being as OCD and as absolutely particular as I am, its taken quite some time to get this blog looking exactly as I please. Thank god for the fabulous Danielle Moss who patiently listened as I changed my mind on almost a daily basis. I am simply delighted with how the blog looks and staring at the pretty pink and sparkles is just motivation enough. 

As a current law student (with no ambition to practice law- I am actually starting classes towards an interior design degree next week and am beyond excited!) this blog is an opportunity to collect my findings (I am an obsessive internet peruser and am constantly stumbling upon fabulous finds...) and organize everything I have discovered/want/lust/enjoy/buy ETC. This blog will be focused on everything that is aesthetically pleasing. Hope you enjoy. 

xxoo. DB

For those of you living in NY, you already know that the weather  had been turning into spring, but we seem to have reverted back to winter...and Ive caught a nasty bug in the meantime...a perfect excuse to hide-away in this sexy bar/lounge (although in my current state I am not sure if I should be leaving the house at all, so as not to infect anyone else, so please someone go for me!)

 Located in the midtown area (44th between 5th and 6th), The Royalton is another Ian Schrager Hotel, and as I already expressed in my Rose Bar post- (see below to freshen your memory), I am quite a fan of anything he does. The hotel lobby was originally decorated by Philippe Starck but when it was redone in 2007 Shrager hired Roman & Williams. In my opinion, this is by far the sexiest hotel lobby I have seen. I absolutely love the blue and brown color combination mixed in with bold brass accents.