Friday, April 13, 2012

Furnished Friday...Lucite Furniture

I am still in the process of decorating my apartment, despite having lived here for nearly a year now.

Even though the apartment itself is only about 650 square feet (I live in NYC) the challenges have been not so much in figuring out what I want- but making sure I get it perfect. Being that I am in school for interior design and want to be an interior designer, I have been adamant about being patient and only ordering EXACTLY what it is I want. For this reason, the majority of the "big ticket items" (ie: sofa, desk, armoire, coffee table) have been custom which has caused a lot of delays in the overall process.

While several companies have left me more than disappointed with their ability to deliver within the expected timeline, Plexi Craft really outdid themselves, finishing some items before the deadline.

Because my apartment is on the smaller size, I knew I would need to find a way to maximize the space, even if only by illusion. I have been a big love of lucite furniture for a long time- its glamourous without being too girly as can be the case with mirrored furniture (which I also love) AND no matter what changes are made within the space in terms of fabric, color, texture, lucite furniture will always match!

For my own apartment I ordered the following two items:

I needed the trunk in a bit larger size than the standard one for sale on the site and this incurred a bit of an up-charge. Being that my apartment lacks lots of storage space, I ordered two of these trunks and have placed them side by side in lieu of coffee tables. Being that the trunks are super roomy, I have piled all my coffee table books inside the trunk and styled them with different brass objects to keep it interesting.

The second item I had designed for my apartment was the King George Desk- which I have also seen used as a console table, but for the purposes of my apartment it will remain a desk. I am 100% obsessed with it and despite it being a larger item- the nature of the material does not make it appear cluttered in my apartment.
King George Desk

There are many ways to incorporate lucite into your home- I used these chairs in a different apartment in Miami, and the brass and lucite coffee table below is just a dream, I would buy it in a second if I had someplace to put. For those of you looking to score some great lucite steals- I always check there are always amazing lucite pieces being auctioned off.

Kartell Louis Ghost Chair | $410

Coffee Table | $1095

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