Friday, April 6, 2012


Despite currently finishing up my second year of law school, I am absolutely positive that I have no intention of ever practicing law. In fact, after much deliberation (oh..about 15 years) I have finally decided to pursue a career choice of my liking- interior design. As of this past Monday, I have started taking classes towards a degree in interior design. While I probably should spend my "free" time (no one really has free time in law school- any "free" time should be spend studying...more....) "studying" I am completely enamored by anything interior design related. I have no doubt I spend more time reading Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, etc than I do actually reading my law books.

Originally this blog was called "Decorable" and I do hope to eventually have a personal blog and a design only oriented blog, but in the meantime Friday's will be devoted to posting about interior design.

I recently stumbled upon this amazing British design firm- - I have no idea how I missed it.

I am particularly obsessed with "The London Townhouse"-

When recently undergoing the task of decorating the NYC apartment my boyfriend and I co-habitat I had to keep in mind that my tendency to decorate on the "girly" side would not be welcome by the boy. I really wanted eggplant velvet couches (see above) but he was adamant against it (he has changed his mind since seeing the above photo). Rather we opted for black velvet couches and gold/brass accents and lucite coffe-tables and desk.

Candy and Candy has totally mastered mixing feminine with masculine to create a perfectly lush and inviting environment. 

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