Monday, April 23, 2012

Makeup Monday...Moisterizer

Living in NYC, it is inevitable that ones pores will become clogged with the polluted city air. I have accepted that this is a battle I cannot win and instead have taken preventative steps to ensure that the skin on my face remains damage-free and wrinkle free for as long as possible.

For the last two years I have made monthly facials mandatory. Not because I enjoy facials (quite rather the opposite--> dirty city air= many extractions=less than pleasant experience), but because your skin regenerates every 28 days and the only way to assure that the skin on ones face is constantly clean is to follow this natural cycle and to schedule facials monthly.

As my dearest facialist, Eugenia has taught me, the key to preventing wrinkles is keeping your face moisterized and the best way to do this is to moisterize twice daily- in the morning and evening.

Prior to my recent switch in brands, I had been a devoted user of SKII- splurging thrice yearly to purchase their little bottle of facial cream. While I still love SKII and think its a wonderful product, I was never too happy with the price tag ($220- ouch!). Completely on accident, while getting my brow's waxed at Benefit,  the aesthetician convinced me to try their new skin care line, designed by none other than Dior. At $38 bucks I figured I had nothing to lose, and purchased "Total Moisture".... from Day 1 I have been hooked- I have been using Total Moisture for a year now and just recently purchased my third container. This moisterizer is simply amazing- in fact the entire line all packaged in the same adorable mint green containers is fabulous. For those of you still spending big bucks on moisturizer, or for those of you who have not gotten into the habit of applying moisturizer twice daily, I highly suggest you pick up a container for yourself.

Total Moisture

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