Friday, April 27, 2012

Furnished Friday...Mirrored Furniture

Last Friday, I highlighted my love for lucite furniture (thanks Plexi-Craft again for the wonderful desk at which I write these posts), which I seriously believe is very uni-sex and very versatile. If you don't believe me just check out Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz' use of lucite within the Combs Residence. But today I would like to feature mirrored furniture, which as hard as I may try, just simply is not manly and likely never will be. Despite the fact that I live with my boyfriend, and when decorating our apartment I was very aware that whatever was purchased needed to appease his taste as well, I still managed to sneak in this beautiful mirrored lingerie chest

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Mirrored furniture, like lucite furniture, is great for visually enhancing the size of one's space. The reflective surface is ideal for creating the illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors in general are great for this purpose. For example: when decorating my Miami condo, I hung a beautiful art deco mirror on the wall opposite my floor to ceiling windows so that the reflection of the ocean would be visible- it did wonders for elongating the length of that room.

One can find almost any item of furniture made of mirrors. I have drooled over mirrored beds, mirrored desks, mirrored vanities, mirrored coffee tables and even mirrored bath sinks. While I am all for mirrored furniture be careful not to over do it! A mirrored bed should not be matched with mirrored dressers- rather pair it with lucite night stands, like Nancy Corzine did in her bedroom below.

See below for some of my favorite mirrored pieces- 
Vendor: Nancy Corzine | Monique Cocktail 

Vendor: Worlds Away   |  Phillip Mirrored Desk

Vendor: Bungalow 5 | Catherine Vanity Desk

Vendor: Chans Furniture | Ashey Model BWv-025-30

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    And the mirrored desk, make up table, coffee table, etc... I'll take one of everything, ok?? Love you!!!