Monday, April 9, 2012

Makeup...on Monday

Happy Monday - while I originally promised Mondays would be "Monochramatic" the girly girl in me just really feels like talking about makeup (likely because I took full advantage of the 15% coupon was offering and stocked up on plenty of goodies).

I love makeup. I think its pretty safe to say the only time I do not wear makeup is when I go to bed (with the exception of an occasional late night Friday/Saturday). But of all the many beauty products available to consumers, its mascara that really piques my interest. For some reason I am never 100% convinced I am using the best mascara, and I am all about using the best (not necessarily the most expensive). 

Sometime in high school I discovered that the best mascara out there was Trish McEvoy, yet for some reason every 3 months or so I begin the hunt for a new and better mascara, only to return back to this one. 

But this past weekend, after talking to a Sephora Associate, I figured I would give this new YSL Mascara a go- and was pleasantly surprised!

YSL- Shocking
And I must say. I am pretty impressed- BUT its not a total replacement for my beloved Trish mascara. What is so great about the Trish Mascara is the wand- its so thin that it manages to grab and detangle every single lash- pulling it forward and coating it with the perfect amount of mascara. By using the Trish Mascara first, followed by the YSL mascara I found that the YSL brush curled and added more volume- but the YSL mascara alone did not separate and distinguish each lash individually like the Trish one does- so my solution- keep both and use both! 

Other mascaras I have tried in the past include: MAC (nothing special in my opinion, Dior (too clumpy), Fresh (not bad- but again, the brush failed to separate my lashes individually, causing clumps),  Estee Lauder (this was so long ago I cannot even remember why it wasn't the "one"), and more recently the Clinique bottom lash mascara (which is fine- but Trish does an EVEN better job of elongating your bottom lashes and catching each one!) and of course the Givenchy Mascara- which I was so excited about and returned immediately after one use, and last (I think!) Benefit- this is the only mascara I have found thus far, that has a wand that matches the ability of Trish- unfortunately though, the mascara really dried out my lashes and made my eyes itch a bit- not worth it. 

So my question for you is what mascara do you use and what do you like about it?

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  1. Love this post! I just started using Lancome High Definicils and LOVE it - especially after using Dior and YSL's regular one, dried out way too quickly and wayyyy too clumpy!