Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wild for on Wednesday....This Shoe

I wake up every morning and have a ritual. Coffee then Bloglovin then bar method. Most of the time the blogs I read dont really provide me with inspiration on what to post on this blog, but today was different. Mrs Lilien's blog is absolutely amazing, she is a graphics genius in addition to her many other talents and today she included the shoe below in her orange crush roundup.

For those of you who may not have picked up on it yet- I am 100% obsessed with animal prints, and no- I am not from New Jersey. I must have this shoe. I dont know if I will ever wear it or what I will even wear it with, but the orange/turquoise/leopard combo is killer. Actually- its wild, and I am wild for it. 

absolutely wild for...

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  1. Hahah LOVE your morning routine :). I do the same thing... minus the whole working out part!