Monday, June 25, 2012

Makeup Monday....Thickening Hair Products

I am convinced that I was meant to live in the 70's when teased hair was all the rage. I am a big fan of the tease as evidenced by the millions of teasing comes that can be found about anywhere in my apartment. If I didn't have thin hair this probably wouldn't be an issue, but alas I do and therefore am forced to find ways to compensate. 

About two years ago I discovered extensions (Great Lengths) which solved the problem but not completely. Recently several amazing products have come out which really help girls with "thin hair" problems like myself. 


One- When I worked at Wilhelmina (no, I am not a model- in the legal department) the models would rave about Viviscal, which is basically a daily supplement to be taken morning and evening. I have yet to use it although I have bought it ( I started using it but kept forgetting to take the pills - big whoops). I will report back once I learn how to be more responsible about taking pills. 

Two-I use this thickening serum daily. I know it has made my scalp healthier, which in turn should make my hair healthier. 

Three- this is my miracle product. I just spray it in before I blow dry my hair and its amazing what it does. Sometimes I feel like my hair is too thick. Trust me on this one. 

Four- My very handy ace teasing come. You can purchase it at any drugstore, which I do rather frequently. Creates the perfect tease, no hairspray required although I do recommend some- Five. 

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