Monday, June 4, 2012

Makeup Monday...Cuticle Cream

Ive been a longtime fan of Aveda products (I am particularly obsessed with their hand cream (called hand relief- its non greasy and incredibly moisturizing- the only hand cream that gets me through NYC winters. I keep the 1.4 ouncer in every single handbag I own) but somehow failed to register that they also make an amazing cuticle cream.

 Despite weekly mani's being an absolute "must-do" my cuticles seem to get dry regardless. I have quite possibly tried every cuticle oil/cream out there and had yet to be satisfied until last week, when I was trying out a new mani/pedi place that only offers Aveda products. My main problem is all the others I have tried are toooo oily and thus messy, but this Aveda one does the trick and for only $10 bucks its a no-brainer....

Buy me here!

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