Friday, June 15, 2012

Furnished Friday...Neocon & the Merch Mart

I recently came to the realization that becoming a lawyer was my fathers dream for me and made a tough decision to pursue my passion instead, enrolling in interior design school. The design industry is incredibly competitive and I have also learned very tight knit (everyone knows each other!)- it is a great industry and I am so excited to be a part of it soon, but I know its going to take a lot of hard work to make a name for myself- but it is a challenge I am willing to embrace. Besides being truly blessed to have had so much support from my family and friends, the boy and his family have been active in the industry themselves for the last four decades, making the transition that much easier for myself.

My boyfriend attends Neocon every year for his own company and on behalf of his dad's company and I have had the pleasure of accompanying him as well. This year I chose to fly in on Tuesday night (missing the first two days of the convention) but did not miss the opportunity to hear Ian Schrager speak. We spent the morning walking around the extensive Merchandise Mart, which consisted of me swooning over the textiles on display. I am 100% smitten with Romo and thoroughly enjoyed their showroom, but I also discovered a new (to me)  line, that I cant believe has flown below my radar for so long- Elitis. I am a total lover of dramatic wall effects- such as painting walls a dark color, or covering them with rich, textured wallpaper and both Romo and Elitis have plenty of wallpapers for me to choose from.
SCHUMACHER | The Schumacher Display Window- I love chinoiserie, I absolutely do, and would love to do a  chinoiserie room or home for a future client, but it is totally not my style. I will admit it is 100% beautiful and i just love how the patterns mix and match beautifully. 
ROMO | This fabric is so me. Neutral greys+ animal print+ luxurious fabric (velvet) I would love to upholster a headboard in this grey fabric- a really dramatic oversized headboard, and then make accent pillows out of the lighter fabric. AMAZE
ELITIS | How amazing is this textured wallpaper- In my future home I plan on using this in the office - the boy would totally appreciate it, its so masculine and sexy. 
ELITIS- animal print. I just love it. This cognac colored Big Croco wallpaper was a million times better in person, although this photograph does a pretty good job of capturing its fabulousness. I'd love to wallpaper a guest bedroom in my miami home in this fabric and then contrast it with white leather furniture and really clean white linens with khaki embroidery. 
ROMO- another fabulous Romo print but totally different from the first one I showed.  I am thinking I need to buy myself a home in the Hamptons to fully make justice of these prints. Any takers?

ELITIS | so I am definitely not a mother yet, actually very far from it, but I am already designing my future girls bedrooms. I love pink- its my favorite color, but I now how fickle little girls can be and how fast they grow up, so I dont want to create a super girly/young room- I definitely want to create a girly room, but one they can grow with and this poppy wallpaper is a great option. 

a not so great image of Ian Schrager speaking...

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