Sunday, June 10, 2012

City Sunday... Gramercy Park

The old saying goes "the grass is greener on the other side" and that probably explains best, why after a year of living in the coveted neighborhood of Gramercy Park, I have yet to step foot inside the park. 

As Wikipedia explains: "The approximately 2 acre (0.8 hectare) park is one of only two private parks in New York City; only people residing around the park who pay an annual fee have a key,[8] and the public is not generally allowed in." (FYI- I do not have to pay a fee, any building that sits along the park is granted 2 sets of keys, for residence seeking their own set, they pay an annual $350 fee.)
When I found my apartment listed on Craiglist, I knew I absolutely had to have it. I imagined many a day where I would spend the afternoon leisurly reading on my kindle or perhaps playing with my puppy on the lush manicured lawns, but as soon as I moved in I quickly learned dogs are not allowed inside the park. And, while I could of course still read inside the park, I have not. It's basically the age old concept that now that I have free acceess to the park, it no longer interests me. Plus- the view from outside the gates isn't so bad. 
Anyway, for those of you visiting NYC- I highly suggest you stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel, across the street from me and alongside the park. As a guest of the GPH you not only have access to my favorite bar- the Rose Bar (insider tip- Lychee Rose Martini), my favorite Italian Restaurant- Maialino (insider tip - Suckling Pig) , but you also have unlimited access to the park, perhaps the most coveted perk. 

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