Saturday, June 9, 2012

Style Saturday...Colored Denim

I most certainly like to dress well and fashionably, but I also don't love drawing attention to myself by what I am wearing- so it took me a little while to warm up to this colored denim trend. Obviously when I finally convinced myself to buy a pair, I opted for the most eye catching color- red. 

I absolutely love the pair I bought made by Current Elliot (yet another shopbop success!)- an additional perk- Current Elliot is all about the vanity sizing, so I ended up buying a pair one size smaller than what I usually wear, who doesn't love that?

Anyway- in my personal opinion, the bright color of the pants needs to be the focus of the outfit so I am a bit disturbed when people pair colored denim with bright catchy prints - I am sure there is a way of doing it well, I just dont think the majority of us know how to pull it off, so I prefer to stick to the basics. 

While white and black tops are obviously very easy to match with anything, I have pulled several white and black tops that are by no means boring. I am currently obsessing with Helmet Lang - the brand never ceases to surprise me with their ability to create beautiful and well fitted pieces that are unique yet still a "staple" for ones closet. 


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