Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trend through Tuesday

Neiman Marcus has been my one stop shop for over a decade now...thanks to my best friend in high school I discovered at an early age (14) that I would give up almost anything to own a Chanel of my own. Since Stanford Mall did not have a Chanel boutique (I wonder if they do now?) Neiman Marcus was where I wandered to examine the seasons latest and oogle over lambskin or caviar.

Recently Neiman's has been releasing a Trend List of its own each season and I  must say I am quite impressed- for todays post I am going to choose my top pick- the item I HAVE to HAVE for each trend

  1. Digital Prints | Mqueen. Must I say more. so yummmm for fall/winter just add sheer tights & Booties!
  2. Mixed Greens | Malachite makes my heart melt. enough said. 
  3. Borrowed from the Boys | I am not really into the "boy" look considering I love frills and boys and cupcakes...BUT these fur lined boots I could totally rock
  4. The Jacket | I have 3 of these Nanette Jackets and never stop getting compliments on them. Peplum perfection
  5. The Leather Leg | Ive been tempted by leather pants for years now. I think this year I am finally going to pull the trigger
  6. The Smoking Slipper | Leopar and brass. Obvs my first pick 
  7. Navy: The New Neutral | I absolutely die for black and navy though most people find it repulsive. This bag is a softer shade of navy and an absolute MUST have. 
  8. The Statement Handbag | Im offended this was not in the Neiman Marcus round up- I had to find it mysel fon their site. I dont care if its last season. This bag IS the ultimate statement bag. 
  9. Brooches | lets be honest. brooches are kind of not my generation, so lets stay classic. Gold. Pearls. So chanel 

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