Friday, May 4, 2012

Furnished Friday...My new entertainment center

Happy Friday lovely readers!

While most of you will be out celebrating Cinco de Derby...I for one will not be partaking in any festivities...

As I may have mentioned before- while I am an aspiring interior designer (currently in design school) I am also a law student (at the age of 25 I still aim to please my parents :)....Since law school finals are upon me, starting Monday (yuck- I have 4 this semester, Real Estate Tax, Gift & Estate Tax, Corporations, and Professional Responsibility) my blogging may be seriously lacking. But starting May 18th, I promise that there will be new posts daily-it's my summer resolution. 

So the last two Friday's posts have been highlighting furniture styles I love (mirrored + lucite) and I have featured items that I have even incorporated into my own home (by home I mean 600 square foot NYC apartment). Following with the theme, I am about to reveal an entertainment center commissioned for my teeny apartment. It took months of waiting until it finally arrived, but I am beyond pleased!

I still have to style the top of the cabinet, but just have not had the chance... 

Photo taken on my camera- clearly, photography is not my forte. 

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  1. I think you should give yourself more credit. I think the picture looks fine, and so does your entertainment center. It looks classy and chic, and it will look more fabulous once all the gadgets are in. And you can play around and put some pieces to make it more modern and stylish.

    [Darryl Margulies]