Friday, May 25, 2012

Furnished Friday...Headboards

Creating bedroom spaces is probably my favorite in the design process- while it is probably the least challenging, I find that you can be the most creative in terms of patterns in the bedroom since a headboard for example is a lot easier to reupholster than a sofa. 

While my european mom insists that the bedroom is not a place to socialize and therefore pays little attention to the decor in the bedroom, I take a totally opposite stance. 

Due to the fact that we spend a third of our lives in bed (or at least we should, 8 hours a day of beauty sleep really should be a requirement) there is no reason to skimp. My bed is my sanctuary and although I may spend most of the time in my bedroom sleeping, I really do believe that being surrounded by beautiful things makes my dreams that much more euphoric. 

I am a total advocate for statement headboards. Rather than perceiving a headboard as furniture, I believe it to be a piece of art and therefore essential to a beautiful bedroom. 

I am dying to use #1 in a master bedroom- when I live in a home where there is room for King Sized Bed. #2 is perfect for a girls room.  #3 I want in a guest bedroom. #4 I have currently in my NYC apartment, and #5 I want two of in twin size to place in a guest bedroom. 


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