Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What this blog will be...

My intentions for creating this blog was to have it become a "lifestyle" blog- not focused on just one facet of what interests me, but an overall composition of everything that piques my interest. At the same time, chaos is not a part of my lifestyle and therefore the OCD in me has created a schedule for the genre of posts- hopefully this will provide order in my own life and to my blog. 

Monday | Monochramatic
  • I am really big into alliteration, but coming up with an "M" word was rather challenging...monochramatic it is...unless I come up with something better. 

Tuesday | Trend
  • my friend Morgan hates the word "trend" but we all know life is cyclical and so trends come and go

Wednesday | What I love
  • be prepared to be amused by the things I love....its rather random

Thursday | Travel
  • I love to travel and am constantly researching new places to travel, consider my Thursday blog posts to be somewhat of an itinerary from past trips to trips I intend on taking at some point in my life

Friday | Furnished
  • Although I am currently a law student, my real passion is interior design, I finally decided to pursue design and begin classes next week!

Saturday | Style
  • I live in NYC- one of the most stylish cities in the world. I am also an avid shopper.

Sunday | City
  • Yesterdays post was a preview of what a post on Sunday may look like...just some of my finds in this fabulous city. 

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