Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome- The Royalton | NYC

Being as OCD and as absolutely particular as I am, its taken quite some time to get this blog looking exactly as I please. Thank god for the fabulous Danielle Moss who patiently listened as I changed my mind on almost a daily basis. I am simply delighted with how the blog looks and staring at the pretty pink and sparkles is just motivation enough. 

As a current law student (with no ambition to practice law- I am actually starting classes towards an interior design degree next week and am beyond excited!) this blog is an opportunity to collect my findings (I am an obsessive internet peruser and am constantly stumbling upon fabulous finds...) and organize everything I have discovered/want/lust/enjoy/buy ETC. This blog will be focused on everything that is aesthetically pleasing. Hope you enjoy. 

xxoo. DB

For those of you living in NY, you already know that the weather  had been turning into spring, but we seem to have reverted back to winter...and Ive caught a nasty bug in the meantime...a perfect excuse to hide-away in this sexy bar/lounge (although in my current state I am not sure if I should be leaving the house at all, so as not to infect anyone else, so please someone go for me!)

 Located in the midtown area (44th between 5th and 6th), The Royalton is another Ian Schrager Hotel, and as I already expressed in my Rose Bar post- (see below to freshen your memory), I am quite a fan of anything he does. The hotel lobby was originally decorated by Philippe Starck but when it was redone in 2007 Shrager hired Roman & Williams. In my opinion, this is by far the sexiest hotel lobby I have seen. I absolutely love the blue and brown color combination mixed in with bold brass accents. 


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